Twitter is thrilled to announce that we've entered into an agreement with Atebits (aka Loren Brichter) to acquire Tweetie, a leading iPhone Twitter client. Tweetie will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and made free (currently $2.99) in the iTunes AppStore in the coming weeks. Loren will become a key member of our mobile team that is already having huge impact with device makers and service providers around the world. Loren's work won the 2009 Apple Design Award and we will eventually launch Twitter for iPad with his help. People are looking for an app from Twitter, and they're not finding one. ...
10 Newbie Twitter Mistakes Made By Businesses by Mike Johansson on 03/08/2010 Businesses jumping into social media often see Twitter as a “simple” part of the plan: set up an account and start tweeting. Sadly some even get stuck right after the set up part. Here are 10 mistakes business newbies on Twitter should avoid: 1. Doing Little or Nothing With an estimated 25 to 30 percent of Twitter accounts either empty or “one tweet and done” is it surprising that these accounts generate little interest from others on Twitter? Your inactive or virtually inactive account sends a clear messa...
Twitter Ad Plan: Copy Google by Peter Kafka Posted on February 26, 2010 at 9:04 AM PT What will Twitter long-awaited ad platform look like? Something like Googles. That the general description of Twitters plan, according to people who have been briefed by the company. Here are the very broad strokes: Ads will be tied to Twitter searches, in the same way that Google (GOOG) original ads were. So a search for, say, laptop,may generate an ad for Dell (DELL). The ads will only show up in search results, which means users who dont search for something wont see them in their regular Twitterstream...
A nice milestone for Twitter: It has now passed 50 million tweets per day, up from about 2.5 million per day at the beginning of last year. This is one of Twitter's most important metrics, so it's a good thing that it's still growing rapidly. Because Twitter is a distributed service all over the Web, on desktop clients, mobile apps, etc., "unique visitors" to has always been a somewhat flawed growth metric. (Though it's obviously important for Twitter's user base to continue growing, too.) Here's Twitter's blog post on the achievement, posted by analytics staffer Kevin Weil...
It sounds like there is another Twitter hack making its way around today. If you think your account has been hacked  for example, you see unexpected Tweets from your account then this is what you should do Change your password (if you can). Log in, change your password from the password tab under account settings. If you can remember your password, use the password reset feature. Once you are. implement a strong (upper and lower case, numbers, special characters; more than 8 characters) password that you have NOT used before. Revoke connections from third party applications After you...
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